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Packaging play an very important roles during aluminium profiles and deeper processing procedures. So good and proper packaging material is one of the key factors to avoid profiles to be damaged or scratched. Therefore, good choices on these packaging film won’t make your 99% effort become failed at the last moment. We focus on all kind of packaging films , and protect your products to be dusty free, avoid scratching during stocking, transporting and delivering. 



For surface protection films, there are usually can be PE|PVC film based with water based acrylic or rubber adhesives. Below are some main industrial working conditions, of course, there are more places are used also, such as caret protections, marble protections. According to the surface material and surface treatment, different tack levels are needed, and it can be from low ,middle and high and super high levels. Besides, brand news material are a must to ensure all material is totally safe and no toxic and any other potential heath threatening. What’s more,  customized  formulation on the films and adhesives  to make sure the protection films can perform excellently on UV resistance, water resistance,  heat resistance, weather resistance.

 We always believe most expensive film may not always the best,  but most suitable protection film does.  If you didn’t find the surface material on our website, please check is our team to guide you to choose the most suitable one, no matter if you have experience on choosing or ordering them before.  There are full set of solutions to satisfy your individual requirements. 



PVC shrink Films can be made in many types, you can choose the right one with your packaging equipment. At the same time, if your budget on packaging is not that big, there are also some alternative options for your reference.  Logo designing and printing are also available . It can protect your products well, at the same times, promote and advertise your brand and products effectively. 

shrink films for aluminum packaging


In actual working conditions, you will also need some other wrap material, such as stretch films, and heavy duty tapes, hot melts tapes, and edges protections foam, even for the  cutting machine for surface protection films ,etc. If you take from local, prices may be higher, but if you take this material from other factory who focus on these material , you may get cheaper prices, but mostly your quantity is not that big, shipping separately may cost you higher. Therefore, we can source these items for you at most reasonable prices and ship together with the PE protection films and PVC shrink film, and it will benefit you more.  ONE STOP FOR ALL, and save your time and money, and make your supply chain more efficient!

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