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PE protection film for aluminum profiles

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Surface protection films Specification

PE Protection Film, also known as surface protection film, surface protection tapes, temporary surface protection films/tape, laser films, offer optimum product protection during the storage, transportation and further processing of products with sensitive surfaces. They offer protection against dust and dirt, the effects of weather and scratching. As they can be removed without leaving residues behind, our films cause your product to appear brand-new up to its final use – clean and free of scratches. Complaints, scrap and product exchanges are minimized – our films therefore contribute actively to increased sustainability in your product cycle.


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Alu-Film surface protection films offer solutions customized to your requirements on adhesion, UV, temperature ,water and scratch resistance. Logo and color printing is available,and it will bring you more advertising chance during protection.Patented ink formation will make sure the printing will not infiltrate the tape and solution even in the rain and sunshine.  email, the professional sales team will assist you to choose the right one.


Even these tapes are also adhesives, but it’s totally different from the common packing tape you are familiar with. Choose the right protection film is very serious job. Viscosity would be different because of the surface treatment, otherwise the tape may be not enough to be sticky with products, or too much adhesives to leave residuals and polluted it. Even same material, but different treatment on surface, it also request different adhesion. For examples, for sandy polished and anodized profiles, there would be 2 types of tape would be used. If you not not sure what tape you should use, don’t worry, please click the”contact” on the right, and send us an email. The professional sales team will assist you to choose the right one.

Where to be used

•Aluminum Profiles/Windows/Doors
•PVC/UPVC profiles/Windows/Doors
•Stainless Steel Plate/Containers in 8K/2B type
Marble /Ceramic/Cabinets 

PE surface protection tapes for aluminium
PE protection films for pvc windows
surface protection film for stainless steel


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