PE Protection Tape Cutting Machine

As a film manufacture , we don’t manufacture these machines ourselves.  But we are also the user of these pe protection films cutting machines. For this reason, we do find out the the mostly reliable sources after years using.  For current supplier of these machines, and we have used their machines for many years, and also recommend to some others clients, So far, all feedback is very positive. Therefore, if you are also in the requirement of these machines, please contact us for more details. 

1. Color touch screen, PLC control, high automation program;
2. Can set 10 different specifications of cutting width and knife cutting;
3. Adopt silicon solution cooling system to avoid cutting knife glue, ensure smooth cutting
4. The cutting knife adopts servo Controlled, and the cutting pressure is adjustable, suitable for ll kind of material, and cutting stability is much high.  
5. Cutter and spindle adopt step less variable speed motor;
6. Round knife corner stepper motor to control round knife corner;
7. Stroke is driven by servo motor, with precision ball screw and linear slides, the cutter stroke is smooth and the positioning is accurate.
8. Material clamping with Pneumatic gripper;
9. The paint adopts imported automobile paint, anti high temperature and scratches;

Gallery of Ctting Machines